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Whats up all! Been a bit since last update, messin around with some websites and made a few more side-project apps for stuff OUTSIDE of game design lol!

Rummy Scorekeeper ~ I play the Rummy card game a lot


Page ~ Google Play ~ Amazon ~ iOS ~ Windows

Interval Alarm ~ mainly for 30-60 second workout rests


Page ~ Google Play ~ Amazon ~ iOS ~ Windows

Alright! Alright! Alright! Finish some gamesss already!

~ Norton 03/21/18

Finished a side-project app I was working on for Magic the Gathering!

Check my page for more details here - Magic App Page

Currently published on Google Play (android platforms) since I use a Galaxy, with plans to add to iOS, Windows, etc...

~ 01/04/18 ~ Norton

Nortons Magic the Gathering App screen

Added Videos Page for stuff I'm recording as I move through projects! Mostly Construct 2 right now since it is extremely time efficient and I'm working alone lol! Videos Page ~ 10/02/17 ~ Norton

Update! - September has found much work on my space game.

While that progresses with modules 2 and 3 being added, I've been working on content to share on social media and whatnot.

One piece of content is updates to my old pong game! I've updated the page & will be working on the to to list during offtime.

~ 09/25/17 ~ Norton

Update! - Been off the support job and working a lot on games!

Besides the Norton Pong game I made awhile back (which I still may update lol), this first finished game will be a multi-platform space game!

I've finished the spaceship battle module and working on an overworld planetary visiting module with shops next, and then you'll be able to play the pilot in a platform view when you get out of the ship!

Playable on P.C. and mobile phones and whatever other mediums I check out.

~ 08/31/17 ~ Norton

Under Construction!!

I'm still working the day job, putting the site under construction so I can make it cooler and also really work on finishing some games I have in development before adding them. Stay Tuned!~ Norton

Heya! I'm making games. RPGs, Adventure, Strategy, Puzzle, Racing, Platform, and whatever else I get my hands on!! Check back later to see what's going on! Thanks for checking out and supporting the Dream!!




Other Stuff


Norton Pong (1st game, alpha, being updated)

Norton Pong Level 1

Space Blaster (in development, primary focus))

Norton video game in progress1

Space misc. (merged with Blaster!)

Norton video game in progress2

Norton's Hockey (on hold)

Nortons hockey game in development

Halls of the Dead (on hold)

action/adventure in development

Norton's Defense (on hold)

defense game in development

Norton's Adventure (on hold)

RPG in development