About Norton Studios


Started in 2016

15+ years in the I.T. Industry starting from the bottom

As a teenager started tweaking 1st computers for better gaming performance

Got in trouble in high school for bypassing school security controls to access games (but left the access open for other classes, rookie)

Learned to build computers and some soldering as well

Fell into the timesink fun of MMORPGs =P, Everquest and later World of Warcraft

Bought broken Playstation 2's on Ebay, fixed and resold them

Started supporting a private business

Spent some time at ITT Tech (not the best decision) in network admin and data security, however the Python classes were fun

Left supporting private business

Learned Web Design

Solely ran a computer repair shop, and supporting businesses

Started deviating away from support to more creation-based work

Started Norton Studios

Left supporting private businesses for full-time work on Norton Studios

An inkling of supporting businesses still remains as needed =)

Thanks for checking out Norton Studios!

Video Game Inspirations:

Super Mario 2 was my first owned game if I recall correctly and thus first game I beat!

Dragon Warrior I I bought with my allowance at Toys 'R Us because the cover was cool. RPG nerd ever since!

Final Fantasy I expanded upon that love for RPGs

Castlevania I, I played in the arcades at Jerry's Nugget and eventually owned

Castlevania II added the twist of changing what you expect in a sequal (for better or worse, I liked it)

Final Fantasy VII is still amazing. Sephiroth is still an awesome villain, and the major character death!

Blaster Master was an amazing NES game, I loved the multiple playstyles and difficulty as a kid

MarioKart = best co-op game

So many more!

I.T. skill history

building PCs

repair of PCs and laptops

network admin

software workflow admin/programmer


web design html/php/sql/javascript/APIs

winautomation/automation of business tasks

game design

technical/instructional writer

video/audio/picture editing

lawsuit processing/paralegal interactions

video game repair

computer/home theater

Other Stuff:

I'm looking to also write stories/novels, both standalone and for my games.

Influences: The Dark Tower series and most of King's work, Tolkien's work including the Simurilian, the scope of the worlds they both created is fascinating. Tolkien I got into reading at a young age while seeing all of King's movies. I didn't read George Martin's Game of Thrones until much later, I was turned off by the focus on politics and not much magic lol, which turned out to be an error! In creative writing class I picked up the Shannara series by Terry Brooks and the Earthsea serieas by Ursula K. Le Guin. Then came Raymond E. Feist's series with Tomas, Macros the Black, and most importantly Pug the badass you get to read grow up into power, a development so much fun to read.

I lean towards darker pieces of writing, I like my vampires dangerous, I like the darker side of the fairy tales that never make it to Disney movies, bleak futures from present actions, assassins, witchcraft, the dark sides of religion, battles between heaven and hell, and black magic.


to be continued...