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Norton's Magic the Gathering App!

Heya everyone! Magic the Gathering is one of my favorite games since I played it as a kid.

Recently I took a vacation up to Chicago and played with my buddy who was a newbie. We looked up and through some life counters to use, and we ended up talking about cool things we wanted to track like we did for other games, (some which have records from like 5 years ago lol.)

So I whipped up an app to see what I could build and integrate with my website for external storage.

Click any of the images below to use!

Nortons Magic the Gathering App screenshots


  • Life counter
  • 2 players (more in development)
  • Win history for session
  • Loss history for session
  • Average Damage dealt for session
  • (Average Healing coming soon)
  • Poison Counters
  • Energy Counters
  • Timed Game Option

Future Plans

  • More Statistics
  • Token counters (pending graphic selection)
  • Customized names
  • Long-term storage for statistics and your user login
  • And more!!

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Google Play (android devices)

iOS - coming soon

Amazon App Store

Here on Norton Software (web)

magic the gathering screenshot1

magic the gathering app screenshot 2

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