Norton's Pong!

UPDATE! I've added my old pong game back into the mix of ongoing projects!

I originally wrote this in 2016 as start to get into game design.

I figured the best way to keep it interesting while working on it is to add some stuff personal to my taste. So a darker theme, started with some skulls and bones, the purple vs. red opposing colors are actually from hockey's Avalanche vs. Red Wings (one of my favorite rivalries)

I never got around to making music for it, but my plans include to add a full band of sound effects recorded from the musical gear sitting in my office =) ~~~~~~~ 09/25/17 ~ Norton


Norton Pong Level 1


Norton Pong Level 1


To do List:

Add drum sound effects

Record/Add Guitar effects

Record/Add Bass effects

Figure out how to mesh it together so it sounds decent (lol)

  • Convert fonts/text to sprites

Revise normal/hard setting differences, replace the awful buttons

  • Reposition coding for view size shrink/force landscape – level 2+ objects
  • Add touch controls for player 1

More design changes when levels change, not just different objects

Multiplayer functionality (saved for the very last)


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