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Norton's Rummy App!

Heya all! I like to play the Rummy card game quite often, so I created an app to help keep score and track who's deal it is.

Depending if you happen to be imbibing spirits you might actually lose track of deals or get slower at math lol!

Click any of the images below to use!


  • Scorekeeper
  • Dealtracker
  • Quick -/+ new score adjuster
  • Draw button to signal the deal change & add the last hand's score to totals
  • 500 point goal
  • based on 5 or 10 point scorekeeping
  • 2 player scorekeeping

Unlocked Features

  • Up to 4 players (more to come!)
  • Adjust winning goal by quick 500 point increment
  • Custom Names
  • Set custom winning goal amount
  • Add custom points rather than 5/10 only

rummy app ss8      rummy app ss      rummy app rules

rummy app unlocked     rummy app namechange

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